Types of Westerly Granite


Blue (including blue-white and white)

Description: Fine grain, grayish in color
Sources: Holes # 1, 2, 3, and 5 on Quarry Hill and the Bradford quarries
Characteristics: Easily “tooled” (hand cut)
Uses: Statuary and fine carving

Light Pink (sometimes called cream)

Description: Very fine grain, white with pinkish tinge
Sources: Hole #6 on Quarry Hill nicknamed “The Creamery”
Characteristic: Very hard; difficult to cut by hand; better suited to machine finishing
Uses: Monuments

Dark Pink

Description: Fine grain with pronounced pink tinge
Sources: North quarries—lower (deeper) beds
Characteristic: Very hard; well-suited to a polished finish
Uses: Monuments


Description: Medium grain with decided reddish color
Sources: North quarries—upper beds; Brand’s Oven
Characteristic: Polishes well; machines well; cuts well by hand; breaks evenly
Uses: Monuments and buildings


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