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Membership at all levels will include free admission to the museum and most programs, newsletters, and a 10 percent discount at Joshua’s Store. Preservationist level also includes a Candlelight Dinner for 11.

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two men in historic costume

Share In A Colonial History


Are you a Colonial history buff? Or an antiques lover? Or perhaps you’ve always wondered about the carved memorials that fill your local cemetery? If so, we invite you to become a docent for the Babcock-Smith House Museum and indulge your curiosity while sharing what you learn!

Docents play a vital role in the support of the museum, both as public educators and historic researchers on behalf of the museum and its collections.

Our non-profit Docents program was founded to support the museum in a variety of ways. These include:

During the month of May we host all local fifth-graders. They learn about the Babcock-Smith House and try their hands at various colonial crafts.

Docent Officers

Ed Fazio

Vice President
Mary Keniston

Jan Tunney

Recording Secretary
Meg Barclay

Carol Fazio, Billy Ann Hutchins, Susan Hayes, Tony Smith


Background, L to R:: Billy Ann Hutchins, Meg Barclay, Jan Tunney

Foreground, L to R: Ed Fazio, Carol Fazio, Susan Hayes

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