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Joshua’s Store, with a ten percent discount for members, is stocked with a variety of items for your home and gift giving:

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Featured Items

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DVD: "Carved From Stone: Legacy of A Granite Town" ($10.00)

This DVD showcases the people, processed and products of the Westerly granite industry. It is written and produced by Betty-Jo Cugini Greene of Weathervane Communications with
videographer/editor Jim Karpeichik of Ocean State Video.

The documentary that debuted on Rhode Island PBS includes 1920 era film from the Sullivan Granite Quarry, a tour of Westerly Granite monuments in Gettysburg National Military Park and Woodlawn Cemetery in New York. Learn about the granite industry from those who worked the stone and granite historians who have theirown granite connections.

four people standing on a large slab of stone

Book: "Built From Stone, The Westerly Granite Story" ($44.95)

Authors: Linda Smith Chaffee, John B. Coduri and Ellen L. Madison, Ph.D.
Although both the majestic and the humble products made from Westerly granite will be around for generations to come, the number of people who have an intimate knowledge of the granite industry are quickly diminishing and, with them, records and artifacts. This full color, hard-bound edition of “Built from Stone” is an attempt to share bits and pieces of the Westerly granite story so that the present generation can take pride in Westerly’s granite heritage. Read Reviews


Available at Joshua’s Store or by order form

Babcock Smith House Museum ($8.00)

32 page color booklet telling the story of the house and its people in both text and pictures. A must if you want to know about the museum. Written by Isaac and Gertrude Smith and Linda Smith Chaffee.

Life on the Ocean Wave: Reminiscences of My Voyage Around the World 1857-1858 ($5.00)

Original memoir by Charlotte Babcock, the wife of sea captain David Babcock. Transcribed by Gertrude Smith. 70 pages. $5.00

BSH Recipe Book ($10.00)

Recipes compiled by Docent Dorothy Benson with charming illustrations by docent Grace Culver. One recipe per page. 142 pages.

The Story of a Mill Village: Carolina Rhode Island ($10.00)

Written by Vera Robinson.

CD The Westerly Granite Story ($19.95)

Narrated history of the Westerly Granite industry featuring old photos and anecdotes from granite historian and stonecutter Isaac Smith, Jr.

Clipper Ship - Young America: First Passage in My Voyage Around the World 1856-1857 ($3.00)

Journal of John B. Babcock with maps of the trip. Transcribed by Meg Barclay