Sullivan Granite Company

History of Sullivan Granite Company The founder and first president was John B. Sullivan (1845-1911). He started the

Smith Granite Company

Smith Granite Company The Smith Granite Company on Granite Street was the first of the major granite companies.

New England Granite Works

The New England Granite Works The Rhode Island Granite Works located adjacent to the Smith Granite Company on

Joseph Newall & Company

History of Joseph Newall & Company The Joseph Newall & Co., Westerly RI, established in 1885, was a

Lazzari and Barton

Lazzari & Barton was a monument business located across from the main entrance to Woodlawn Cemetery, Bronx, New

Fraquelli and Brusa

Fraquelli and Brusa, located on the corner of Spruce and Oak Streets, produced high quality work. Unfortunately most

Comolli Granite Company

Monuments carved by Richard Comolli at other companies Rhode Island, Westerly River Bend Cemetery Comolli Saint Sebastian Cemetery


Agent: a company salesman who secured orders for monuments. Salesmen for Westerly companies were located in major cities

Anatomy of a monument

Structural Parts of a Monument Base: Bottom-most piece of stone in a monument. It is set on the

Types of Westerly Granite

Blue (including blue-white and white) Description: Fine grain, grayish in color Sources: Holes # 1, 2, 3, and

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