Westerly Granite in Maryland

Babcock-Smith House Museum
124 Granite Street
Westerly, RI   02891

Antietam National Battlefield, MD

51st Pennsylvanis Volunteer Infantry

Contractor: William Van Amringe Granite Company sub-contracted to the Smith Granite Company
Material: Statue: blue Westerly granite; Base: Barre, VT granite
Date Ordered:
Date Shipped:
Date Dedicated: September 17, 1904
Features: Full-length figure of a uniformed Union soldier serving as a skirmisher. He holds his rifle upright at his proper right side and steps forward with his proper right foot. Statue is titled "Trail Arms." The work stands atop a square pedestal which has a bronze bas-relief on the rear. The relief depicts a battle scene near Burnside Bridge. The Corps shield insignia appears in relief on the front of the cap stone
Sculptor: Edward Pausch
Statue Cutter:
Letter Cutter:
Location: Near intersection of Branch Avenue and Burnside Road
Map Location: Monument 83 @ F9
About the statue: In the manual of arms the command Trail Arms is described as follows: bring the musket to the right side until the butt is three inches from the ground. Tilt the muzzle forward slightly, making sure not to touch the soldier in front with the bayonet. The butt should be kept about three inches off the ground and the right hand held at the hip.


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