Westerly Granite in Maryland

Babcock-Smith House Museum
124 Granite Street
Westerly, RI   02891

Antietam National Battlefield, MD

128th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry 13-370

Contractor: William Van Amringe Granite Company sub-contracted to the Smith Granite Company
Material: Statue: Westerly granite; base Barre, VT granite
Date Ordered:
Date Shipped:
Date Dedicated: 1905
Features: The statue "Ready to Fire" is a full-length figure of a uniformed Union soldier stands in a striding, battle-ready position. He holds his musket diagonally in front in him in both hands. The figure stands on a square pedestal which has a bronze bas-relief on the rear. The relief depicts a shield topped by an eagle and flanked by horses reared up on their hind legs and facing each other. The Corps star insignia appears in relief on the front of the cap stone
Sculptor: Edward Pausch
Statue Cutter: Charles Pinardi
Location: Cornfield Avenue
Map Location: Monument 90 @ D4
About the Monument: "The limit of expert granite cutting is shown in this statue, and only an expert carver in granite or marble can fully appreciate the relief work shown in this piece. the regulation sized muzzle-loading musket, cut practically free from the body, the full length of the barrel without support of any kind, save where the two hands clasp the weapon and at the point near the stock that barely touches the man's body, this statue excites the wonder as well as the admiration of all who look upon it." (Bosbyshell, page 152)


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