Westerly Granite in Maryland

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Antietam National Battlefield, MD

125th Pennsylvania Infantry regiment

Contractor: William Van Amringe Granite Company sub-contracted to the Smith Granite Company
Material: Blue Westerly granite, statue only
Cost: $750
Date Ordered: February 19, 1904
Date Shipped: August 13, 1904
Features: Granite statue "Flag Bearer"
Sculptor: Edward Pausch; Stanley Edwards
Statue Cutter: J. O'Connell
Location: Antietam National Battlefield; on Confederate Avenue west of the Dunker Church.
Map Location: Monument 89@ C5
About the Monument: "This statue is a portrait statute of Color Sergeant George Simpson and well illustrates the possibility of securing in enduring granite, faithful portraiture and detail off uniform and accoutrement. Stanley Edwards was selected as the artist to execute this portrait statue." (Bosbyshell,, p 148.) The original statue,sculpted by Edward Pausch, is that of " "a Color Sergeant with his Regimental flag partly unfurled to the breeze, with eagerness in every line of his manly body, with hand on the sword at his side, ready to spring forward at the command to lead his comrades anywhere and everywhere they are ordered to go." (Bosbyshell, page 147) It appears that Stanley Edwards reworked the statue to reflect the features and rank of Color Sergeant Simpson who was killed at the site of this monument.
About the unit: The 125th was made up of 700 men who had left their farms and other jobs just four weeks prior to the battle of Antietam where they were in the open when they received heavy fire from the Confederates. After the death of Sergeant Simpson, the flag fell four more times, before Captain Wallace grabbed it and brought it to the protection of the batteries. Casualties at Antietam Killed 5; Wounded 42; Missing 17; Total 64.


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