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Meriden, CT Soldiers' Monument


Meriden, CT Soldiers' Monument

Contractor: Batterson, Canfield & Company
Cost: $11,000
Date Dedicated: June 18, 1873
Approximate weight:
Features: Granite pedestal, obelisk, and figure
Description: SOLDIERS MONUMENT, Meriden, consists of base, pedestal with bronze plaques, obelisk shaft, and crowning figure. The shaft is said to be 38' high and the figure 7' (Record-Journal, August 19, 1983); the overall height is not clear, but is perhaps at least 45 feet. Above the base of two risers, the front (west) face of the pedestal is extended upward. Central wreaths are placed at the pedestal's cornice on all four sides. Above the front wreath is a trophy consisting of the Seals of Connecticut and the United States, surmounted by an eagle.
The slightly tapered obelisk shaft is divided by three pairs of moldings, two of which frame the battle names recorded below. The shaft thickens at its top to provide support for the conventional figure of a Union soldier standing at parade rest. The figure, 7' tall, has a weight of 1,500 pounds. His right foot is forward, with the direction of the musket butt parallel to the direction of the feet. His hands grasp the musket barrel, left over right. He wears overcoat with cape, moustache, and soft visored cap. At the figure's left rear a granite mass with foliated surface connects the bottom of the coat with the ground, an odd feature. Perhaps its purpose is to add stability.
The Meriden monument has other fine details. The plinth of the statue is beveled inward with unusual care, in mirror image of the corresponding beveled surface of the statue's base above. The shaft itself is chamfered.
Sculptor: Carl Conrads
Location: 142 East Main Street, Meriden, CT



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