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Groton, CT Robert A. Gray Monument


Groton, CT Robert A. Gray Monument _

Contractor: Smith Granite Company
Material: Blue Westerly granite
Cost: $2500
Date Dedicated: July 4, 1916. The date of the monument, 1915, is late. It may be one of the last Civil War memorials cut in Westerly.
Height: 19 feet 22 inches
Description: The shallow first base of the monument is rock-faced with hammered margins. The second base of the pedestal is in three stages, forming a curved line from the base to the die. Raised overlapping Shields of the United States and Connecticut embellish the front face of the top stage. The shields are partially surrounded by a laurel wreath.
The body of the die has lettering on the front face only. Two incised lines near the top of the die set off a raised battle name, bordered by incised lines, on each of the four sides. Each cornice is embellished with a central raised wreath on rounded vertical surface in front of the top section, which is curved in the form of a square dome.
The infantryman figure stands at rest with his left foot far forward so that the toe projects over the front edge of the statue base. Rifle butt is angled to his right, and the rifle itself held to the right. Hands are on the muzzle, right over left. Accoutrements are suspended from waist belt, with bayonet at left hip. Overcoat cape is thrown back over his right shoulder. The soldier wears a moustache and kepi, looking to his left.
Sculptor: probably Carl Conrads
Statue Cutter: Coduri and Marzolli using the New England Granite Works model
Carver: A. Datson, J. Jenkins, V. Tolfa, and J. Bernasconi
Letter Cutter: Charles Greenman and Frank Cook
Polisher: Walter Fitzgerald and James Collins
Stonecutter: J. H. Bishop, James Tough, Absolom Francis, Caleb Mudge, William Mudge, R. Franchi, and William Crockett
Location: Fort Griswold State Park, 94 Smith Street, Groton, CT



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